In today’s work environment when resource accountability and utilization is very critical, it becomes equally important to maintain accurate and dependable access & attendance solutions. Our RFID based solution makes this process seamless and automated.
With the RFID tag attached to each person/vehicle etc. and the Reader installed at the all the check points, the solution provides high level of convenience and efficiency when compared to the traditional forms of attendance recording.

  • This RFID based solution has the capability to integrate and cater to one or more of the following requirements
  • Vehicle Identification & Access Control
  • Human Identification & Access Control
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Parking Management
  • Authentication of Authorized Personnel/Vehicles
  • Advantages
  • Enhanced Security in the Organization
  • Reduced Manpower costs
  • Improves accuracy of attendance records
  • Optimized movement of personnel and assets
  • Plug and play solution with optional upgrades
  • High quality hardware & encrypted software