Fixed Assets are an organization’s most valuable & prized possessions, and need to be tracked and reconciled with utmost care and accuracy. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the latest technology to be used in tracking assets and maintaining inventories at all kinds of organizations, providing clients with benefit of both time & accuracy.

The core function of our Asset & Inventory Tracking Solution is to generate a computerized asset registry for our clients that establishes database records for each asset and each asset component, and which utilizes technology and processes to maintain the asset accountability

Key Components

  • Anti Theft Security Gate
  • Self Check in Check out Kiosk
  • Multi-purpose Staff Station
  • Book Drop-box
  • Handheld Readers
  • Tagging Station

  • Quick & Efficient Circulation Operations
  • Uncompromised Security for Library Items
  • Tracking of unauthorized movement
  • Seamless Stock Management
  • Reduced Manual Operation
  • Emerging Technology Experience for Library Staff & Users
  1. Asset Creation: Creation & Updates Of Assets and their Location via web app
  2. Asset Tagging: RFID encoded tag with Unique asset ID
  3. Asset Transfer: RFID Readers are used to read IDs of Assets transferring
  4. Physical Verification: Stock taking via RFID reader By identifying locations Through RFID tags
  5. Asset Search: Keying in the Asset ID in the portable handheld reader to search a particular asset
  6. Asset Tracking: Movement of asset tracked Via installing RFID gate Readers On important entry/exit points
  7. Offline Reading: Other key data stored in RFID read without connectivity to database. Ex – imp due dates