Documentchecker provides all the information you need to verify ID documents & Currency Notes
Verify the authenticity of ID documents against the most complete and up-to-date information from around the world. Documentchecker contains clear descriptions and images of thousands of ID documents including their security fe atures, such as watermarks, holograms and UV features. The zoom-and-scan function allows close inspection of the entire document. It also pinpoints the location of security features on the ID to ease up verification. Documentchecker gives you peace of mind that the data you rely on is the best and most comprehensive available.

  • Access to thousands of passports, ID cards, residence permits, visas and driving licenses from more than 200 countries
  • Perfect reference material, including clear descriptions and HD images of the biographical data page and security features (e.g. watermark, hologram, UV)
  • Machine-readable zone (MRZ) decoder for simple cross-checking of ID information
  • Hologram viewer: interactive viewer that enables the user to mimic the behavior of holograms in a very intuitive way

Verification of the MRZ code
Documentchecker helps you to verify the authenticity of a document in just a few seconds, by checking its Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). This check forms an important part of the verification process.
As the database is continuously updated, you have access to the most up-to-date information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of doubt, you can at all times seek assistance from the Helpdesk, staffed by experienced document experts.

The information in Documentchecker has been compiled by document experts from the Keesing ID Academy. Our experts examin all ID documents and their security features in detail. Together with the Studio, they create easy-to-use reference information and detailed images for Documentchecker.
To safeguard the quality of the content and to keep Documentchecker up-to-date, Keesing closely cooperates with international governments & Interpol (for Currency notes).


  • Defense and Military Bases
  • Government Institutions
  • Nuclear Bases & Production Sites
  • Close-gated communities
  • Malls & Residences
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hotels & Commercial Areas
  • Airport Premises