Keesing AuthentiScan™ PREMIUM is an automated and highly reliable solution for authenticating ID document, non ICAO compliant documents, driving licenses and ID documents with bar codes and electronic chips. It allows you to scan, inspect and store (optional) nearly all national and international ID documents currently in circulation. This PREMIUM solution offers broad-based authentication, based on 40+ automated checks.
What’s more, AuthentiScanTM is easy to use. While the system does not require specific knowledge or expertise, it turns every operator into a document authentication expert. It will generate a result in seconds, allowing you to determine whether a document is genuine or counterfeit.
Checking ID documents using AuthentiScanTM is easy – simply place the document on the passport reader and the system automatically performs up to 40 checks in seconds. AuthentiScanTM PREMIUM checks among others:


Key Features

  • No specialist knowledge or training required
  • Access to Keesing DocumentcheckerTM Database
  • Inspection of 40 +security features (such as watermarks, holograms and UV features)
  • Auto-retrieval, storage and export of ID document data (incl. RFID chip)
  • Audit trail and management reporting tools
  • Available for both online and offline use
  • Data is stored in a secure Database


  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Airport Premises
  • Immigration Departments
  • Defense and Military Bases
  • Government Institutions
  • Nuclear Bases & Production Sites
  • Special Economic Zones
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hotels & Commercial Areas
  • High Security Regions


Fully Automated Checks

  • MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) check
  • Document expiry date (and validity)
  • UV (ultraviolet) optical dullness response (ICAO requirement)
  • B900 ink (ICAO requirement)
  • Comparison of RFID picture with VIZ photo (Visual Inspection Zone)
  • Comparison of RFID data with MRZ data
  • Chip validation
  • White (visible), UV and IR light pattern recognition
  • Date of issuance check
  • Issuing authority check
  • Comparison of VIZ data with data stored in MRZ
  • Micro-print check
  • Cross check based on name, date of birth, and expiration date


Additional Checks

  • Profiling check, including a photo comparison, age check, and signature check
  • Inspection and verification of security features (e.g. white light, UV, IR, photo attachement, imageperf, hologram, watermark and relief)
  • Cross check against reference material stored in Keesing DocumentcheckerTM Database
  • Cross reference check against PEP/Sanction lists or internal blacklists (optional)
  • Right to Work check (optional)

Passport Reader, audit trail and efficient business processes

AuthentiScanTM uses a passport reader which automatically retrieves data from the document and stores it in a secure database. Users are able to save, print, export and share this data, allowing it to be used in other programs and processes. The system creates a detailed report for each ID document inspected. As a result, you simultaneously create a comprehensive audit trail. AuthentiScanTM offers various options for exporting and reporting data, and stores the following information:

  • the status of the ID document (genuine/counterfeit)
  • the images included in the ID document (ultraviolet, infrared)
  • data stored in the RFID chip as well as the physical document
  • a detailed report for each check conducted