Key Strengths

  • Enhanced Security in the Organization

  • Reduced Manpower costs

  • Improves accuracy of attendance records

  • Optimized movement of personnel and assets

  • Plug and play solution with optional upgrades

  • High quality hardware & encrypted software

Market Application

  • Efficiently manage time & attendance

  • Vehicle identification and access control

  • Human access control

  • Parking management

  • Identity and allow access vehicles and humans pre-registered

RFID enabled time and attendance access management solution from e-cartes helps in managing entry or attendance of various types of visitors or vehicles gaining entry in the institution. Access and attendance management system helps in managing accessibility to registered members, employees or vendors and marks their presence, helps in calculating parking cost based on the time the vehicle was parked at the premise and allow exit on payment.

Access management module is designed using latest technologies offering reliability, ease in use, and covers various hardware elements such as biometric reader, fingerprint scanner, card reader and door access scanner; specifically designed to meet enterprise application requirements.

This RFID based solution has the capability to integrate and cater to one or more of the following requirements

  • Vehicle Identification & Access Control

  • Human Identification & Access Control

  • Time & Attendance Management

  • Parking Management

  • Authentication of Authorized Personnel/Vehicles

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