Application features: Inventory tracking solution

  • Asset Creation: Creation &Updates Of Assets and their Location via web app.

  • Asset Tagging: RFID encoded tag with Unique asset ID.

  • Asset Transfer: RFID Readers are used to read IDs of Assets transferring.

  • Physical Verification: Stock taking via RFID reader By identifying locations Through RFID tags.

  • Asset Search: Keying in the Asset ID in the portable handheld reader to search a particular asset.

  • Asset Tracking: Movement of asset tracked Via installing RFID gate Readers On important entry/exit points.

  • Offline Reading: Other key data stored in RFID read without connectivity to database. Ex – imp due dates.

Ecartes brings you the best asset and inventory tracking solutions to ensure that the inventories and assets at your premises are in real possession of your organization.


Discover, manage and track all your assets:

  • Scan all your assets through simple scanning techniques.

  • Get comprehensive asset information like asset specification, , scan history, asset ownership history, and asset states in a single panel.

  • Build and maintain a separate inventory to manage all your assets.

Map assets with your departments or locations

  • Map all your assets to build relationships between people, assets, and other configuration items within your organization.

  • Use pre-defined and custom relationship types to get a visual view of asset relationships, locations and types.

  • Enable an effective problem management and change management planning by building a logical model of your asset infrastructure

Track assets and manage better

  • Manage the complete life cycle of your purchase process with a structured approval and delivery process.

  • Maintain a complete product list of all assets owned by the company with price and warranty details.

  • Maintain a vendor list, compare prices from different vendors, and analyse purchase trends to leverage negotiations.

  • Keep track of contracts and get notified about their expiry in advance.

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