Card personalization services from e-cartes allow personalization of various type of cards for multiple business requirements. Card personalization can be done for various set of users- including for government department’s identities such as PAN, Aadhar, ESIC, healthcare services subscribers or members under diverse categories- ranging from debit & credit cards issued by various banks, loyalty cards, prepaid cards, identification cards for private institutions such as corporate, manufacturing units, schools and other set of organizations.

Card personalisation allows and enables authorization and entry to the card holder in any type of business or industrial ecosystem. With card personalization services, access is granted and users are serviced as per the configuration or for various set of purposes; primarily focussing on customers, employees, visitors or partners.

A card can be tracked with a unique code, bar code, chip, QR code, RFID or through a numeric serial number (generated by the system randomly through a pin generation tool) to track the user against whom the card is issued.  A banking services provider can customize the card for each set of customer, categorically for services like debit card customers who hold an account with the bank, or a credit card user who uses the credit facility of the bank or a forex card user for the customer travelling abroad.

A banking card requires various level of security standards and protocols to be followed, data available in the printed card’s microchip is readable by integrated reader device called POS; configured for reading such cards and processing the transaction using encryption and decryption tools for data security purposes. This requires following banking standards and PCI DSS compliance for the hardware and integrated software deployed, follows encryption and decryption process to read and transfer the chip or card data.

Benefits Card Personalization:

  • Customized card offers ‘loyalty’ and sense of being ‘privileged’.

  • Unique as its customized with customer name.

  • Personalized cards are a retention tool.

  • Co-branding possibilities for marketers.

  • Offers good marketing image and brand value for brands that are participating.

  • Retention tools for consumers who use the product or are subscribed to the service.

  • Secure and safe to use.

  • Transaction process compliant.

  • Card generation processes contactless and secure.

  • Quality control process to eliminate errors in card printing, storing / or creation.

  • Personal data not available beyond the system processes and is erased upon processing.

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