Multi-Mode Threat Detector


Narcotics Trace Detector


Chemical Warfare & Dangerous Liquids Detectors


Key Strengths

  • Highly Sensitive Detection for Even Trace Amounts
  • Rugged and Robust Design
  • Best-in Class Technology
  • Handheld and Portable Options
  • State-of-the art technology

Market Applications

  • Defense and Military Bases
  • Government Institutions
  • Nuclear Bases & Production Sites
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hotels & Commercial Areas
  • Airport Premises
  • High Security Areas

Multi-Mode Threat Detector (MMTD)

Multi-mode threat detector is an integrated product with tough design capable of getting operated in difficult environments. Its threat detection ability for substances like explosives, narcotics, ammunition and portability for the security and personnel allowing the entry to unverified peoples makes it a perfect choice.

Product application:

  • Security agencies

  • Defence personnel’s and border areas

  • Areas where a good number of unverified people has a walk in like at hotels, high transacting banks and public places.

Ideal for

  • Conditions where detection of explosives and narcotics has to be done for a single sample

  • Can detect all conventional and self-made explosives by terrorists

  • Remote locations where the instrument is not attended

  • Quick start and detection time

Narcotics Trace Detector (MMTD)

Narcotics Trace detectors are used for identifying substances with narcotics or banned drugs, most commonly used by Drug departments and agencies like anti-narcotics bureau; controlling misuse of narcotic substances generally used in medicinal trade.

Product application:

  • Drug agencies

  • Anti-Narcotics Bureau

  • Security personnel deployed in areas where a narcotics infiltration is done

Ideal for

  • Conditions where detection of narcotics has to be done for a single sample

  • Can detect all conventional and products mixed or laced with narcotic

  • Drug departments

  • Security agencies, airports and ports.

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