RFID Features

BLE StandardBLE 5.0 iBeacon / Eddystone / other BLE tag receiver
Frequency2.45 Ghz
Chip ModulenRF52832
Output Power-30 to +4dBm
AntennaFlexible FPC antenna
Read/Write RangeUpto 300m (in open space)
Reading Speed200 BLE packets per second

Design Features

General Purpose I/O Two USB 2.0 Host Connectors and one TF Card slot
RGB LED strip as the status indicator
Communication Ports USB, Micro-USB, RJ45
Operating Software Linux
Processor ARM® Cortex®-M4 64MHz 32-bit processor
Memory 128 Mbyte 16-bit DDR2 RAM
16 Mbyte SPI NOR Flash
Application Platforms Windows, Android, Linux
Work Mode Collects the data from iBeacon, Eddystone, BLE sensor and other BLE devices, and then sends to the local server or remote cloud server by HTTP / MQTT/ TCP protocol over Wi-Fi / Ethernet.
Can also connect directly with BLE devices
Applications Asset tracking, Access control management, Advertisement promotion, Indoor location and position, Industrial automation