Key Strengths:

  • Robust, Compact and Powerful

  • Stunning print quality

  • Edge to Edge Printing

  • Optional Wifi an Ethernet

  • Encoding Options Available

  • Automatic Feeding

  • UV Security

Market Application:

  • Personalized Identity Cards

  • Student Card

  • Employee Cards

  • Membership cards

  • Loyalty Cards

  • Health Insurance Schemes Hospitals

  • Clubs and Associations

  • Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Property Tax card, Driving License, Registration certification.

CUBO-II Series is an easy to use desktop ID card printer that is perfect for printing professional ID Cards at a reasonable price. Equipped with essential features for printing ID Cards, Its a cost-effective ID card printing solution that is most suitable for use in small to medium sized organizations. Its outstanding reproduction quality is warranted through dye sublimation, thermal retransfer for colour and monochrome mode with 300 dpi print quality, capable of producing upto 200 cards per hour in full colour, or up to 800 in black and white; making it one of the best solutions in the desktop ID printer market.

  • CUBO-II Single offers single-sided printing of plastic cards and has options for various types of encoding and Ethernet.
  • CUBO-II Dual offers dual-sided printing of plastic cards and has options for various types of encoding and Ethernet.
  • CUBO-II RW offers simplex printing of thermochromic cards that can be erased and reprinted up to 500 times.

Product Highlights:

  • Best Print quality, with edge to edge printing.

  • Capability to print cards with dye sublimation thermal transfer method.

  • Offering 300 dpi print resolution to the cards.

  • Encoding capability to protect the card or chip data.

  • Chip encoding: ISO 7811, 3 tracks HiCo/LoCo, JIS II Contact chip encoding Contact-less smart card encoding.

  • Can be printed either single side or double side as per the business need.

  • Ideal for government department identities like PAN card, Aadhar Card, ESIC, driving licenses or any other government department document issued for identification and access purpose.

  • Ideal for private institutions requiring processing transaction- and after reading the card stored data before making any financial transaction to enable the account update or check the records, authenticity or validity.

  • Compact, Powerful and Robust Stunning print quality.

  • Offer edge to edge printing.

  • Optional Wifi and Ethernet encoding options are available.

  • CUBO-II provides power and efficiency in card printing process.

  • Efficiency and adaptability to offer ROI in a particular business process.

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Card personalization

We adopt highly secure data & production technology processes with fool-proof and contact-less methodology to process a card. Each card produced by CUBO-II matches highest quality standards specified as per the business purpose. The quality check system captures and catches potentials threats and risks before they take place thus eliminating time taking errors and reprints jobs helping in cost control.