What is FASTag ?

FASTag is a reloadable tag which enables automatic detection of the tag and user, debit the user account and allow the exit or entry. It’s simple to use as it enables deduction of charges, be it parking lot or toll plazas and allow you pass through without waiting in the long queue to pay up the toll cost or parking charges. FASTag works on RFID technology and the user is offered a tag after registration and paying the amount (for prepaid RFID tags) or links the bank account for automated RFID tags. A RFID reader deployed at the entry allows you entry and debits your account while the exit point RFID deployed at parking lots simply debits when you move out of parking exit point, after calculating time and charges. We are  Fastag Service provider in all over india.

Why FASTag ?

  • Easy to use
  • System alerts and notification on account balance, debits and charges
  • Account details can be accessed through web-portal
  • Emergency and road-side assistance
  • Saves fuel and time
  • Online payment
  • Prepaid toll pass

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