Key Features

  • Lightweight, low power portable scanning system

  • Provides live feed of the underside of the vehicle

  • Perfect solution for inspecting hard-to-reach areas

  • Easily mobile to search any side of under-vehicle

  • Flexible Goose-neck allows inspecting behind immovable objects

  • Designed for rugged terrain, harsh environment along with waterproof camera and lights


  • Police Facilities

  • Government Buildings

  • Hotels/Shopping Malls

  • Embassy Compounds

  • Highly Secured Areas

  • Event/Concerts/Exhibitions

Handheld UVSS

Handling security is one of the prime issues for outsized spaces like organizations, associations and amusement complexes. Considering the massive movement of people at such places, all round security is difficult yet must to attain and maintain. Therefore, such swarming spaces need a security gizmo that can professionally, proficiently and competently lead the safety and security bandwagon.

To manage such grave concern resourcefully, eCartes Security Solutions offers you the solution in the form of new age hand held metal detector that magnificently detects even the tiniest metal element in a blink.

Amazingly Astonishing Features

  • Low Field Strength: Our metal detector efficiently operates at maximum sensitivity eliminating the need of constant adjustments by the operator improving the stability and reducing the noise. It does not emit strong negative signals.

  • No False Alarms: Greatest accuracy guaranteed in case of any sensitivity diagnosed during the scan. There is almost zero probability of false alarms.

  • It comes with three State Blue LED Alarm along with a Status Indicator:

1.  Normal Light if metal object is switched ON

2.  Brighter Light if metal object is identified

3.  Flashing Light if battery of the metal detector is low and there is need to recharge the battery.

  • Debauched Weapon Screening and Mugging Prevention coupled with high scanning rate

  • Detects all kinds of Metal as well as Alloys and facilitates with proactive response

  • Non-invasive Body Searching causing no discomfort for the individuals and more


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