Key Strengths

  • Disposable Item Tracking

  • Patient & Staff Tracking

  • Lab Reports & Pharmacy Management

  • Surgical Tools Management

  • Laundry Tracking

  • Expensive Equipment Management

  • Emergency ward equipment management

  • Access Control/People Tracking


  • Improved Patient & Staff Safety

  • Complete automation of processes

  • State of the art experience for patients and staff

  • Quick & Efficient Circulation Operations

  • Uncompromised Security for Assets

  • Real time data storage and access

  • Seamless Inventory Management

Hospital Management solution from e-cartes helps in managing various type of hospitals and nursing homes. There are 4 type of main services that a hospital requires for running a hospital service successfully.

  • Patient management– includes administering in-door or OPD clinic patients, billings, bed allotment etc.

  • Clinic management– includes doctors, specialities, treatment, diagnosis, hospital admissions, treatment data besides other patient related data or records mandatory to be stored as per HIS standards.

  • Diagnosticor lab management

  • Pharmacy

The HMS solution we deploy has key features which addresses to all 4 sections of a hospital and helps in efficient hospital operation and offer improved patient handling, proper records availability, seamless inventory management, tracing patients, admissions, billing and payment details, treatment, wards/room management, OT management, lab report management, pharmacy management.

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