What is Hospital Management and HMS?

Hospital Management solution helps in managing various types of hospitals and nursing homes by deploying RFID based integrated solution using a network of RFID tags, RFID readers, internet connection and customised software.

The Hospital Management Solution we deploy has key features which addresses to all 4 sections of a hospital  – patient management & patient tracking, medical asset tracking, clinic management & pharmacy management and helps in efficient hospital operation. Effective hospital management solution offers improved patient handling, proper records availability, seamless inventory management, tracing patients, admissions, billing and payment details, treatment, wards/room management, OT management, lab report management, pharmacy management.

Key Strengths

  • Disposable Item Tracking
  • Patient & Staff Tracking
  • Lab Reports & Pharmacy Management
  • Surgical Tools Management
  • Laundry Tracking
  • Expensive Equipment Management
  • Emergency ward equipment management
  • Access Control/People Tracking


  • Improved Patient & Staff Safety
  • Complete automation of processes
  • State of the art experience for patients and staff
  • Quick & Efficient Circulation Operations
  • Uncompromised Security for Assets
  • Real time data storage and access
  • Seamless Inventory Management

Hospital Management solution from Ecartes helps in managing various type of hospitals and nursing homes. There are 4 type of main services that a hospital requires for running a hospital service successfully.

  • Patient management– includes administering in-door or OPD clinic patients, billings, bed allotment etc.

  • Clinic management– includes doctors, specialities, treatment, diagnosis, hospital admissions, treatment data besides other patient related data or records mandatory to be stored as per HIS standards.

  • Diagnosticor lab management

  • Pharmacy

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