Advantages of Our System

  • Tracking and finding location specific assets is easier and simpler with RFID readers.

  • Detecting and tracking movable items as well as detecting unauthorized items moving out of the restricted premises is possible with the RFID solution

  • Uncompromised security within the asset storage premises with RFID based Smart Laundry Solution

  • Better preservation of inventory and less pressure on manual work. Thus resulting in higher satisfaction levels among the staff.

Overall Process:

System Benefits:


  • Accelerate the turnover of cloth and reduce the amount of inventory, reduce the loss.

  • Quantify the washing process and monitor the number of washes

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  •  Targeted selection of cloth producers

  • Simplify the handover, inventory  process

  • Improve staff efficiency


  • Simplified cloth washing  process and washing times

  • Prevent cloth exchange

  •  Simplified handover &  inventory process

  •  Improve staff efficiency

  •  Prevent loss of linen and laundry


  • Ability to track inventory

  • Prevent counterfeiting

  • Track returns and defects

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