Key Strengths:

  • Ultimate in desktop ID personalization.

  • Secure laser engraving, in a single production process.

  • Incredible combination of security features like micro-text, UV text, IPI, FUSE®-ID, Electronic Guilloche, QR code, Hologram etc.

  • Advanced Intelligent Printer Management- allows better speed through a parallel workflow.

  • Inline laser personalization for personal data and images.

Market Application:

  • High Security Identity cards.

  • National ID cards- Driving license, Aadhar card, Voter ID, PAN card, ESIC card etc.

  • Military ID cards such as Personnel identity card, Canteen card, ECHS card etc.

  • Driving Licenses.

  • ARM and other defence personnel Licenses.

  • Security Access Control.

LCP or Laser Colour Personalization work on 3 key methodologies that differentiates processes from each other, thus to become the most advanced laser card printer.

  • High end retransfer module manages the full-colour over the edge printing with a superior 600 dpi print resolution.

  • Compact laser engraver.

  • Inline Lamination Module for creating either a fresh layer of clear, holographic or custom lamination of individual components.

Each process happens through a single pass. Expresso-II printer has a capability to print 120 cards per hour (single sided), full colour card printing with engraving on the cards. This helps in achieving fastest and cost-effective printing process, that is also low in maintenance cost.

Key features:

  • Un-rivalled security for complex ID cards as it comes with equipped security locks, accessible to nominated employees in the production process.

  • Ultra-high definition printing can be used to create micro text, UV text or security graphical elements such as holograms, QR codes or verification patterns such as engraving density.

  • Lamination module; which is capable of putting up laminate for protection and endurance.

Each of these features make this secure from personal data theft or any attempt of tampering with the card data or design. The modular design flexibility enables meeting any and all specification as per the organizations’ customized card personalization need. Advanced intelligent printer management feature creates a highly available environment to handle redundant production load balancing.

The flexibility of this system process is advanced through personalization of card materials such as PVC, ABS, PET-G, PET/PC, PETix and Poly carbonate. Easy setup, straightforward handling and reliable service offers the reliability and trust on what this model is meant for. LCP8000 is a robust and reliable printing solution to meet the most sophisticated security process adoption needs in the corporate or governmental applications of all types.

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