On demand ticketing solutions enables generate unreserved tickets through a Bluetooth enabled mobile printers or handheld terminals to issue tickets instantly. The solution was developed to manage the availability of platform and general tickets at the railway stations, to offer the customers with a facility to print the tickets without waiting in the long queues.

On demand ticketing system was devised by Indian railways to enhance the operational efficiency of ticketing system and offer an agent/ broker less ecosystem. The product was developed in association with CRIS and Ministry of Railways. The pilot projects were successful at New Delhi and Hyderabad stations.


  • Solution to enhance the productivity and operational efficiency of Indian Railways Ticketing through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

  • Research and implementation in association with CRIS and Ministry of Railways.

  • Launched in June 2016 by Shri Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Railways, India.

  • Pilot projects running successfully at stations in New Delhi and Hyderabad.

  • Unreserved tickets can be printed on-demand at stations through handheld terminals and Bluetooth enabled mobile printer.

  • Solves the problem of growing waiting lines at ticketing counters.

  • Eliminates redundancy in inventory reconciliation and malpractice by operators.

  • Optional module for real-time platform ticket generation.

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