How RFID enables a warehouse

  • Most accurate in recording the inventory data (which can be further integrated with the ERP module the organization is running) through RFID tags

  • Zero data entry errors

  • Saving time in scanning and updating the inventory records once the product moves in or out of the warehouse, the data can be updated with the help of a RFID tag reader.

  • Security and alerts for low inventory, security breaches or theft etc.

  • Increases the productivity at each distribution front, reduces the time to ship and makes the data availability across regions or zones or warehouse the company operates in; that too on real-time.

E-cartes brings you all consumables required in the card personalization printing process. We supply laser printable Teslin Sheets, PVC core and Overlays, Security grade Teslin, NFC enabled certificate paper.

  • Laser Printable Teslin Sheet:

Laser Teslin Paper (Teslin TS1000) is designed for use with laser printers, offset press, and photocopy/xerox machines. It is chemically treated to allow toner to adhere more strongly, as well as heat treated to reduce the amount which the paper shrinks (which reduces the chance of paper jams). Laser Teslin is not meant to be used in any kind of Inkjet printers.

  • PVC Core & Overlays:

For helping meet our clients’ need, we supply full ranges of laser PVC sheets and overlays. PVC sheets are used for printing ID cards and other type of smart cards.Laser PVC sheets and mostly are in A3 & A4 sizes.

PVC overlay films has long life, comes with approved quality and fine finish. Overlay films thickness is between 4 to 10 microns, are offered in rolls/sheet.

  • Security Grade Teslin

Security grade Teslin enables tamper resistance and is embedded with security features that makes it extremely difficult to replicate or temper.

Security grade Teslin enhances the security of credentials, regardless of material and helps in designing multiple level of security features, constructed with three layers of substrate material.

Embedded security markers firstly, offers security at the core level and secondly, helps in card and labels with secure and traceable material that cannot be obtained through public sources.

  • NFC enabled Certificate Paper

NFC enabled certificate paper was developed upon the advent of counterfeiting and falsification in certificates and documents. NFC enables certificate paper makes it unique with 100 percent Power Coat base to enable and secure the microchip data to be read through NFC. With this process, the document verification can be done to identify genuine certificates.


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