How RFID enables a warehouse

  • Most accurate in recording the inventory data (which can be further integrated with the ERP module the organization is running) through RFID tags

  • Zero data entry errors

  • Saving time in scanning and updating the inventory records once the product moves in or out of the warehouse, the data can be updated with the help of a RFID tag reader.

  • Security and alerts for low inventory, security breaches or theft etc.

  • Increases the productivity at each distribution front, reduces the time to ship and makes the data availability across regions or zones or warehouse the company operates in; that too on real-time.

e-cartes provides ribbon and films, lamination rolls including Matica Smart Supply genuine consumables, ART Re-transfer films & ribbons, holographic films (standard and customized), half panel & full panel colour ribbons.

Matica Smart Supply genuine Consumables:

Matica comes with proven performance, quality, expressly intended for Matica systems, genuine Matica Smart Supply consumables provide high quality printing and ease of use. Matica systems detects the the ribbon type to ensure product adaptability in the most optimized way. Additionally, the Smart Supply line provides you with the status of the ribbon life and generate alerts when you’re running low.

Smart Supply media ensures optimum performance and long print head life, features additional features that make them perfectly suited for demanding conditions.

ACT Re retransfer films: are required for printing jobs with a reverse transfer printer.

This transfer film is required to print with Matica XID retransfer card printers. The colour is printed to this film and then this film with the colour is rolled onto the card. If double sided printing is required, this will reduce the film to print 500 double sided cards. This item works in the following XID models: 5xxie, 8300, 8600, 9300 and 9330.

Retransfer printers print your card image to the underside of the film, which is then applied to the surface of the card. The card image is ‘sandwiched’ between the retransfer film and the card.

To maintain the warranty on your printer, optimize the use of your printer, and maximize the quality of your printed cards, use only genuine retransfer film ribbons.

Holographic Films (Generic & Customized)

Holographic films are thin, flexible plastic films made of Polyester( PET), Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) and Nylon (Bonyl)] which has been micro-embossed with patterns or even images.

Patterns (such as checker plate or diamonds) or an image (such as a tiger) are created by way of an embossing process which can provide a remarkable 3-D effect and/or spectral (rainbow) coloring.

The embossing process is akin to cutting tiny grooves into the films surface at various angles and in different shapes. These micro-embossed grooves cause the “diffraction” of normal white light into stunning spectral color. This phenomenon is not unlike the diffraction of white light into spectral colors through a crystal prism.


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Card personalization

Laminations Rolls

We provide all the consumables under lamination rolls. Lamination is an all-in-one, affordable system in card personalization services and have below features like encoding, colour sublimation printing and monochrome thermal transfer, and laminating your cards, with or without holograms. Lamination brings in durability, security and will prevent frauds.

This system is ideal for producing secure cards such as:

  • Secure employee badges,
  • Driver’s licenses,
  • Resident cards,
  • Military or police ID badges,
  • Airport access control badges,
  • Security cards.

Half-Panel and Full Panel Colour Ribbons

Half panel and full panel colour ribbons are the consumables in the card customization and printing process. A combination of full panel and half panel colour ribbons reduce printing cost, and brings in ribbon efficient card designs. Full panel colour ribbons come with full sized black and overlay panels while yellow, magenta and cyan panels are half of the size of regular full panel ribbons, hence called half-panel.

Half-panel ribbons reduce the printing cost by 40% with double output per roll as compared to full-size ribbon. All these make half-panel ribbons a cost-effective and economical choice for cards that have minimal colour elements. They can be used to customize blank or pre-printed cards.

While personalization with half-panel colour ribbons, the pre-printed card must not have any overlay or topcoat on the area where colour is to be printed; otherwise image quality may be reduced.