Why UVSS (Under Vehicle Scanning System)?

UVSS or Under Vehicle Scanning System, as the name suggests, is an amalgamation of a software and hardware based solution for Under Vehicle Surveillance.

In current whirlpool of insecurities security becomes an integral part of personal or or private property, vehicle, building, banks and more. Vehicle inspection, specially under vehicle surveillance system, can be rated as the most critical and unavoidable, especially for the organizations where public gathering is usual and very high. Not to forget the fact that underside is the area of a vehicle that is the main concern as it can neither be locked nor secured by any means.

As a result potentially detrimental objects can be easily installed in a secretive manner without the knowledge of vehicle’s driver or owner. Indiscreet methods are no doubt quite time killing.

Ecartes’s tailored and best in class UVSS Solution or Under Vehicle Scanning System – ensures complete and effective under vehicle scan & inspection for threat or foreign object detection using a network of various components such as under vehicle scanner with 4k Camera, ANPR camera, customized software according to your need and requirements.

Key Strengths

  • Scans underside of moving vehicles and produces high quality image, in real time.

  • ANPR- Automatic License Plate Recognition

  • Can be integrated with Bollards/Boom Barriers/RFID Detectors/Tyre Killers etc.

  • One stop solution for all vehicle related security needs

  • Facilitates detection of explosives, bombs, contraband objects

  • High resolution long life colour vision system

  • Portable design allows for movement of the system to various sites as per requirement

 Market Applications

  • Defence Facilities
  • Government Buildings
  • Hotels/Shopping Malls
  • Embassy Compounds
  • Car Parks and Commercial Buildings
  • Custom Checkpoints and courts
  • Oil Refineries and Power Plant
  • Police Units and Prisons and more
  • Events

Distinguishing Features  

  • Surface mount
  • Color Area Scan Technology
  • Capture even at speed up to 30km/h
  • High resolution imaging up to full 4096p
  • Lightweight and sleek design with only 15kg weight
  • No limits on length of a scan
  • All-in-one ground camera solution, no need expensive server
  • All weather conditions for the hardest environments
  • Adopt the advanced intelligent camera, encoding all completed images by camera itself