In current whirlpool of insecurities security becomes an integral part of personal or or private property, vehicle, building, banks and more. However, vehicle inspection, specially under vehicle surveillance system, can be rated as the most critical and unavoidable, especially for the organizations where public gathering is usual and very high. Not to forget the fact that underside is the area of a vehicle that is the main concern as it can neither be locked nor secured by any means. As a result
potentially detrimental objects can be easily installed in a secretive manner without the knowledge of vehicle’s driver or owner. Indiscreet methods are no doubt quite time killing.

Ecartes’s tailored and best in class UVSS Solution or Under Vehicle Scanning System ensures complete and effective under vehicle scan & inspection for threat or foreign object detection using a network of various components such as under vehicle scanner with 4k Camera, ANPR camera, customised software according to your need and requirements.

Key Strengths

  • Scans underside of moving vehicles and produces high quality image, in real time.

  • ANPR- Automatic License Plate Recognition

  • Can be integrated with Bollards/Boom Barriers/RFID Detectors/Tyre Killers etc.

  • One stop solution for all vehicle related security needs

  • Facilitates detection of explosives, bombs, contraband objects

  • High resolution long life colour vision system

 Market Applications

  • Defence Facilities

  • Government Buildings

  • Hotels/Shopping Malls

  • Embassy Compounds

  • Highly secured areas

  • Events

So, this is where, the Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) becomes the need of the hour to make your lives safer, easier and worry free.

Here are a few distinguishing features out of innumerable mind boggling list of features:

The Under Vehicle Security System offers high resolution sewed image of the bottom of the vehicles

All size and category vehicles can be thoroughly scanned from the bottom

Even moving vehicles upto a speed of 30 km/h can be scanned with acute clarity in real-time

Enables quick and close comparison of the current underside image with the original saved image of the underside of any vehicle

For extended view of the ‘Hard-to-See’ areas, in video motion there is 3 Auxiliary cameras

Comprehensible, user friendly and high tech software

This vehicle security system can be easily integrated with the central monitoring and database management system

Automatic classification of vehicles and quick alert feature

It can also be impeccably integrated with other security systems like boom barriers, access control systems, tyre killers etc.

UVSS facilitates proficient inspecting and monitoring

  • Instantly detects destructive or foreign items e.g. explosives, bomb etc.

  • Peak hour inspection with no hassle without stopping any vehicle, ultimately saving a lot on time

  • It may prove crucial aid in the post event investigation

  • Under vehicle scanners can be used at:

  • Airports and Seaports

  • Government buildings and Parliament Houses

  • Car Parks and Commercial Buildings

  • Custom Checkpoints and courts

  • Embassies and Consulates

  • Hotels and Malls

  • Oil Refineries and Power Plants

  • Police Units and Prisons and more


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