Transport Infrastructure is one of the vital factor to evaluate any country`s economic status. Since centuries it has been unanimously accepted that the places with proper transport facilities dwelled more than any other place across the globe.

Transport is the most widely accepted connection system by the people at the grass root level with the main stream of the nation. Out of all modes of communication, road transport is tremendously growing as hub per the latest studies.

This terrific growth of the automobile sector has not only comforted the common man, it has added to the problem of management of the inclusive monitoring system for the government. This is where the idea of e governance services for DL and Vehicle Registration was appreciated by one and all.

Following issues demanded highly sophisticated e governance services with respect to Driving license & Vehicle Registration:

  • Increased level of tax evasion due to increased number of unlicensed vehicles.

  • Inappropriateness of vehicle registration.

  • Increased irregularity of tax collection and registration of vehicles.

  • Huge number of vehicles to register otherwise resulting into unmanageable work load.

  • Detection of tax defaulters and adopting appropriate measures to recover the dues.

  • Issue of Driving License and issue of Permits and more.

In order to manage the above mentioned issues, it was highly recommended to automate the process and introduce e governance services.

Why our Vehicle Registration and Driving Licence Corp Services

  • Speedy and reliable process.

  • Transparent and efficient Driving Licence Corp.

  • Highly accessible driving license services.

  • Clip enabled DL & RC for real time information access.

  • Negligible scope for duplication.

  • Durable & good quality.

  • On par with the global standard of highest security features.


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