Project Execution Highlights

  • Prepare schedule and workflow chart

  • Technical training

  • Data Entry

  • Field operations

  • Providing EPICs with security features to Voters

  • Personalization and Issuance of Cards

Our Process

  • Formulate, programme and planning

  • Dedicated technical training of the team involved

  • Data analysis and entry by data experts

  • Field operations including making people aware of the importance of getting an authentic voter card

  • Providing EPICs with latest security features to Voters

  • Personalization and Issuance of Cards

Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC)

E Voter ID Card Services

India, being one of the world’s largest democratic countries constitutes of millions of people. Along with the diversity of cultures it sustains diversity of numerous political parties as well across all the states. Since, elections are an integral part of a democracy, it becomes even more crucial to ensure maximum transparency throughout the election process. This is where the role of Electoral Photo Identity Cards(EPIC) come into picture in order to ensure correct identification with the accurate details, i.e. name, date of birth, gender, digital image and address of the candidate.

And to ensure that there is no embezzlement, our government. has opted for e governance services including issuing e voter ID card. We at eCartes are all set to offer our best support in this revolutionary drive of our revered government.

Objectives of e Voter ID Card services

  • To increase the accuracy of the electoral roll

  • To help thwart cases of electoral swindle

  • To serves as an authentic identification proof for individuals

  • To ensure speedy delivery of voter cards

  • To ensure speedy corrections if required and more

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