Key Strengths

  • Lifetime print head warranty

  • Numerous security options such as UV, UV Machine Code, Security Erase etc.

  • Over-the-edge printing (100% Coverage, No Blank Edges)

  • Hi-Tech Printer for tamper-resistant ID Card

  • Glossy photo finish quality

  • Electronic & Physical Locks

  • IP-SEC Features Available

Market Applications

  • Defence & Security Personnel

  • Medium- High Volume Applications

  • Government Sector

  • Hospitals

  • Corporates & MNCs

  • Photo ID Access Cards

  • Financial Institutions

Security Features:

  • Electronic security lock

  • Kensington lock

  • Re-Transfer (Dye-sublimation)

  • UV ink ribbon for invisible security printing

  • IPSEC for secure data transfer encryption

  • Security erase of data from production environment to ensure prevention or misuse of data.

EXID 8300 retransfer printer was developed for the purpose of industrial card personalization requirements. XID 8300 operates on modular (single or double side) XID retransfer technology and is supplemented with various optional modules like bend remedy, flipper, encoding modules.  XID8300 comes with plug and play inline encoding and lamination options. With the compact size and adaptive design, it offers reliability, performance at the same time being cost-effective. XID 8300 matches offset print quality standards, even on unequal surface of the card.

XID 8300 prints long lasting, durable non-PVC cards such as ABS, PET and polycarbonate and its lockable card hopper feature stores up to 200 blank cards to offer seamless workflow in the card personalization process. XID 8300 has front-loading with replaceable cartridges, to ensure changing of supplies easy and quick.

XID 8300 meets customized card personalization requirements as per the business need with optional chip, IC contract and contactless smart card coding to add up to the security of secure card printing process. EDIsecure inline lamination module can be added to the printer to bring in durability & security in the card creation process.  ILM-LS is adopted for single-side lamination while ILM-DS is used for both side lamination personalization jobs.

XID8300 ID card printer offers flexibility in an organization’s process without compromising on security. offer ease in using and operating the printer that comes with built in LCD display for ease in operation specifically for status display, cleaning notification, low ribbon warnings besides other system malfunction alerts.

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