Key Strengths

  • Lifetime Print Head Warranty

  • Ultra-high Resolution print with 600 dpi output

  • IPI Feature – Invisible Personal Information

  • Diverse Features such as UV, Security Erase

  • Holographic Lamination

  • Micro Text and Guilloche fine-line Printing

  • Variable Elements embedded in graphics elements

  • IP-SEC Options Available

Market and Applications

  • Government Organizations

  • Personalised Bank Cards

  • Health Cards

  • Large Corporates & MNCs

  • Membership Cards

  • Prestigious Clubs

  • Security agencies

XID 8600 is a micro-printer with premium quality output, best suited for demanding and instant card generation processes. It can produce upto 120 single sided cards per hour with best quality prints with quality up to 600 dpi and relies on over the edge dye sublimation retransfer technology to offer this premium card prints. The high standard printing quality with security protocols and printing adaptability makes it the best choice for any institution of any size and meet the demand instantly.

XID 8600 Key features:

  • Ultra-high resolution microprint: The text, micro-texts, fine-line printing, QR code or micro-structure is generated and created appearing as a solid line, readable with magnifier. Micro-print is a functionality included in printing jobs meant for highly sensitive and secure products like bank cheques, financial documents and currency bonds and notes besides highly secured ID cards. The micro-text can be as small as 1.3 point in size with crystal clear reproduction of complex, subtle graphic elements that can be used with various customized requirements as per the security and print requirements of any card personalization experience.

  • High security: Highly secured printing for ID cards of sensitive nature; specifically, for organizations like banks, government departments and associated security agencies and govt. services like army, immigration, research institutions need unprecedented security and precision. XID 8600 meets all parameters and standards to make it fool-proof and secure.

  • Flexibility: XID 8600 printer can be connected to internal and external modules to configure additional desired functionalities for non-standard printing configurations or requirements. XID 8600 comes with 200 card feeder, built-in flipper module and provision of connecting ILM-LS or ILM-DS to offer single/double side lamination module to the printing job, or adding a bend remedy unit or encoding module for chip or magnetic stripe; are few options that can be attached to meet custom personalization requirement.

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