ECT - PORTABOOM 6000+ Smart Series

Portable Boom barrier is used as an access control tool for offering security for vehicle movement in various institutions, organisations, residential complexes, hospitals, public spaces and so on.

These barriers are usually placed both at entry and exit points of premises, the barrier lifts only once access is granted to the vehicle upon security clearance. Barriers function.

We provide high performance and best in class barriers for achievement of absolute security. We also provide wide range of accessories and size of the barriers to ensure customised solution according to your requirements.


Advantages of Portable Boom Barrier System

•  ECT – PORTABOOM 6000+ is used in a wide number of applications including; temporary traffic control, road closures, lane closures, access control to worksites, event management, pedestrian management and temporary car park functions.

 • Eliminates the risk of Traffic Controllers standing in the direct line of traffic. 

• Reduces fatigue and the risks of heat exhaustion, dehydration and sunburn as the Traffic Controller can operate  from a shaded safe zone. 

• Allows greater onsite mobility and efficiencies as one Traffic Controller can operate up to four units at a given time. 

• The wireless remote control operation of this Boom Barrier allows Traffic Controllers to preform regular site tasks, like assisting pedestrians and sign checks. 

• Significantly reduces the risks of motorists ignoring Traffic Controllers or temporary traffic light signals


Key Strengths

  • Easy to operate – This boom barrier is operated by a single button, remote control eliminating any confusion and minimising traffic controller error.
  • Beams measuring upto 8m
  • Opening times as low a under 1.4 seconds
  • Full Visibility and control of traffic
  • Fast assembly – It takes only 5 mins to set up.
  • Easy set up, no tools required – The boom gate and stability legs are attached and detached with ease.
  • IP 56 Rating


Market Applications

  • Defense and Military Bases
  • Government Institutions
  • Nuclear Bases & Production Sites
  • Close-gated Communities
  • Malls & Residences
  • Hotels & Commercial Areas
  • Airport Premises